Vietnam Tourism Promotion in Vienna, Austria 2018

(TCDL) - In the series of roadshow in Europe, on 22 June, VNAT has a roadshow in Vienna, Austria

General Director Nguyen Van Tuan speaks welcome at the program

This is the first time that Vietnam has been officially represented in Austria, with the Roadshow organized at the very famous Niederösterreich Palace in Vienna. The Niederösterreich Palace was built in the late 15th century, formerly the Austrian House of Representatives until 1848. It later became one of the cultural, historical and theater buildings of the show. big show in Vienna. With the historical significance and long-standing culture of the Palace, the introduction of the Vietnam Tourism Program has created a special mark for Vietnam Tourism.

The delegates attended the program

Welcome speech at the program, the General Director of Tourism, shared Vietnam, after the difficult days for independence is rising up full of vitality, active people, hospitality. Vietnam is not only the world's leading exporter of many kinds of tourism, but also has a strong growth in tourism and has become a spearhead economic branch of the country. The country, people, culture and nature of Vietnam with its stretch of coastline is becoming an attractive destination for tourists from Europe. Like Switzerland, the population of Austria is only about 9 million people, but the per capita income is high in the world, about 50 thousand dollars a year, Austria is also a potential market development. In 2017, the number of Austrian tourists to Vietnam reached over 18 thousand, up 8.5% compared with 2016.

Introduction of Vietnam Tourism is held at the famous Niederösterreich Palace in Vienna, Austria

In this program, the delegation of the Central Puppet Theater also brought guests the most unique items. The puppets through the fingers of the skilled control of the artists have performed excellently from the repertoire bearing the traditional cultural identity of Vietnam such as "Highlands", "Day of season" to "Flamenco", the steps dance on the popular music of Europe. Vietnam's unique artistic program at a luxury palace of the "World Music Capital" truly impresses Austrian businessmen, delegates and partners on culture and land. water, people and tourism in Vietnam.

Following the event in Austria, the Vietnam Roadshow Travel Program will continue to be held in Budapest and Prague.

Director General Nguyen Van Tuan spoke with Austrian Ambassador to Austria, Le Dung and former Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam Thomas Loidl

The two sides meet in Vienna

Department of Tourism (TCDL)

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